We had a great photo session with Richie William Photography. He is creative, professional, and so much fun to work with. The whole family had a blast!

-Miriam Green Lamaute

The guy's a next level photographer. Don't think about it, buy it. The dude was hanging from trees, taking shots from the back of a tandem bicycle, roller blade shots, you name it. He did eat about 14 grilled cheeses and drank about 43 La Croix waters...and somehow he locked himself in the dog kennel...but if you can get over that, you'll really have some great photos

-Sean MacGibbon

We had such a fun photo session with Richie! He was such a trooper trying to snap pictures of us and our two dogs! He was totally prepared and listened to what we wanted. He made it so fun and comfortable! This guy has such a creative eye.

-Annie Sanchez-Guilbault

Richie William Photography is awesome! He is very creative on his own and also listens to his clients ideas and brings it all together!

-Kirsten Caley

He did such an amazing job photographing our family and dogs. He comes highly recommended!

-Jessica Rheinhardt 

Very creative and talented photographer! He does aerial photography as well!

-Anthony Berhold

Richie was absolutely amazing!

He brought the best equipment, that included options for us ladies wearing dresses that didn't have many options for speakers! His presence was so calming in moments of chaos. He captured all of the important moments and helped everything run smoothly!

Additionally, he was extremely flexible with his hours! I would highly recommend him!

If you need a reference Richie, send them my way! You make miracles happen! Thank you so much!

-Cami Eckhart

My awesome neighbor Cami arranged for Richie to video our backyard wedding on August 15, 2015. My wife Julie went blind two years ago. The 40-second preview that Richie sent brought tears to her eyes just listening to it. If the full version is anything close to the preview clip, I am most certain we will all be crying tears of happiness.

Thanks Richie. All I can say is, awesome!

-Chester Wells

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